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We stock many different fuel injectors.  They are all flow matched using the best test equipment.  They are tightly grouped to within 1% of each other... the tightest in the industry.  We pride ourselves in only providing the best product. These are new, flow tested, warrantied sets.

Do not be misled into buying bargain or remanufactured injectors for your performance application.... is your engine worth it?

We stock custom LSx series fuel rails for many different application.  These are suitable for stock & aftermarket injectors.

Fuel rails are black anodized for a clean looking engine compartment.

These feature O-ring style threaded fittings for a leak proof install.

We also offer Fuelabs filters & regulators to complement our other fuel system components.

Due to the wide variety of manufacturers & anodizing processes, getting all components the same color can be very hard to accomplish.  For this reason, all components are black anodized to agree with every color under your hood.

You may find cheaper components on the market, but I doubt you will find a better kit for the money.  We pride ourselves on selling extremely high quality trouble free components.

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Fuel Pumps
Fuel Systems  & Injectors

We stock Racetronix single pump kits for many GM applications.   These are suitable normally aspirated, nitrous & forced induction applications up to approximately 550rwhp.

These are direct fit kits with Original Equipment quality components for reliability.

Hot wire kits are recommended for best pump voltage & output.  Typical pump flow increase is approximately 10% due to improved voltage at the pump.

These are in my opinion, the best kits on the market.

Lonnies Performance - Custom
Dual In-Tank Fuel Pump Kits
& Complete Fuel systems

Lonnies Performance - Dual Intank Pump Kits

Lonnie's Performance Automotive is now making custom fuel systems for all your horsepower needs.  Kits are based on the stock factory engineered system, so you can enjoy Original Equipment reliability.

Capable of supporting power levels in excess of 1000rwhp.


All products are designed for extended street duty to eliminate problems of noise, vapor lock, overheated fuel or pump reliability issues common with external performance pumps.  There is no need to run an expensive pump controller or rewire your car.  These kits offer original equipment durability, with the same reliability characteristics as your stock pump.

Under normal conditions, only 1 pump runs, so there is no additional load on the charging system, nor is there any fuel heating associated with these kits as commonly found with high flow single race pumps.  Now you can enjoy your car, driving it cross country if desired, just as if it had the stock pump.

When the fuel demand increases, the second pump engages  to allow ample fuel for severe power demands.  This second pump is either enabled based on boost, nitrous activation, or via an RPM switch (sold separately) for normally aspirated engines.

These kits are equipped with a plug-n-play wiring harness to make the install as easy as possible, utilizing original equipment quality relays & weatherpack connectors.  Internal fuel lines are OE style corrugated nylon.

Our goal is to provide a trouble free "drop in" system so you can enjoy your car instead of working on it.  These kits are proven with over 5 years of satisfied customers & in excess of 1000 kits in use.  Do not risk your expensive engine on parts bought at the local hardware & electronics store.

If you have these extreme fuel demands, you will likely be interested in the custom fuel systems offered below as well.  These can be used to complement the dual pump kits or to replace your factory system to allow max power capability.

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