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Lonnie's Performance Automotive
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VMax Motorsports Products
CNC Billet Throttle Bodies

These CNC machined aluminum throttle bodies are built to exacting tolerances & designed for maximum performance. They are equipped with high quality brass blades for long life & are available in many sizes to suit your application.

90-95mm units are designed for modified stock style or FAST intakes & are available in either cable actuated or fly-by-wire applications. Fly-by-wire applications use the LS1 style actuator motor.

The 100mm & larger are cable actuated models for custom intakes.

These are sold outright with no core required.

TB90C: Tbody - Cable Actuated 90mm $425.99
TB90E: Tbody - Electronic Fly-by-wire 90mm $469.99
TB92C: Tbody - Cable Actuated 92mm $425.99
TB92E: Tbody - Electronic Fly-by-wire 92mm $469.99
TB95C: Tbody - Cable Actuated 95mm $425.99
TB95E: Tbody - Electronic Fly-by-wire 95mm $469.99
TB100C: Tbody - Cable Actuated 100mm $449.99
TB100E: Tbody - Electronic Fly-by-wire 100mm $499.99
TB102C: Tbody - Cable Actuated 102mm $449.99
TB105C: Tbody - Cable Actuated 105mm $499.99
TB110C: Tbody - Cable Actuated 110mm $519.99
TB115C: Tbody - Cable Actuated 115mm $519.99
Shipping: Shipping within the Continental US   $17.00
Shipping: Shipping to Canada   $39.00

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