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Why use a CNC Ported Throttle Body?

CNC porting is an excellent way to make repeatable, accurate & high quality parts for a reasonable price.

With years of experience in the development of hand ported cylinder heads & also helping to revolutionize the CNC ported cylinder head market, Pete Incaudo has applied his expertise to the modification of these throttle bodies.  To do this, he has modified, tested & reworked these throttle bodies measuring results with a flow bench, until they were flowing the highest volume of air possible, while maintaining smooth throttle response & excellent drivability. After proving the design, they are then digitized so that each could be duplicated to a very high degree of accuracy.  This way your throttle body is just as good as original.  You will not achieve that quality by hand porting these units, unless you spend the same quantity of hour after hour porting & testing as was done on the original prototype.

The fact is...  not just anyone can accurately port a throttle body.  There are many people selling hand ported throttle bodies, but they do not guarantee the quality of each unit & likely cannot document the results of their parts.  There are also many hand ported units that have idle quality issues due to improper porting & damage to the delicate sealing area of the butterfly.  With CNC parts, units are no erratic idle problems, or sticking throttles to contend with.

The following prices are based on modifications to your core.

CNCLS2F: LS2 F-body - Cable Actuated $149.00
CNCLS2G: LS2 GTO - Cable Actuated $149.00
CNCLS2T: LS2 Trucks & SUV's - Fly-by-wire $149.00
CNCLS2Y: LS2 Corvette - Fly-by-wire $149.00
Shipping: Shipping within the Continental US $17.00
Shipping: Shipping to Canada $39.00

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